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Tesco 轻工产品制造过渡标准概述:
Background  概述
Tesco has developed a number of standards covering all Tesco products. Technical
standards are for technical audits which are separate from an Ethical audit. New standards supersede all previous standards.
Tesco 开发了大量标准,涵盖所有 Tesco 产品。这些技术标准用于技术审核,不同于道德审核。新标准替代所有以前的标准。
Our Hardlines business is rapidly growing and Tesco need to make sure we have the correct technical product and manufacturing approval and ongoing audit processes in place, so that we can ensure we are working with the correct suppliers to make products for our customers.
我们的轻工产品业务正快速增长,Tesco 需要确保我们具备正确的技术性产品和制造批准以及持续的审核过程,确保同正确的供应商一起为顾客制造产品。
The ITHMS standard is an Intermediate version of the full THMS standard. The Intermediate standard has been developed to act as a bridge between the previous Hardline Standard and the full THMS standard, for existing suppliers. (The ITHMS is not applicable to new suppliers).
ITHMS 标准是所有 THMS 标准中的一个过渡版本。对于现有供应商而言,该标准已被发展成为先前轻工产品标准及所有 THMS 标准的中间桥梁。(ITHMS 不适用于新供应商)
Aim  宗旨
Tesco is committed to ensuring all Tesco brand products produced by our suppliers are safe, meet legal requirements and are of the agreed quality.
Tesco 致力于保证供应商生产的全部 Tesco 品牌的产品是安全的、符合法规要求和约定的质量要求。
Suppliers must meet Tesco Ethical requirements (Tesco Ethical Trading Code of Practice – Document No 388).
Tesco 供应商必须满足 Tesco 诚信要求(Tesco 社会责任体系从业准则-文件编号:388)
Objective  目标
ITHMS clearly sets out our requirements for suppliers. The ITHMS clauses are identical to the full THMS standard but some have been listed as an Aspirational (ASPN) requirement. Non-conformances to ASPN clauses should be raised as recommendations.
ITHMS 清楚地制定了我们对于供应商的要求。ITHMS 条款与所有 THMS 标准相同,除了一些被列为鼓励性(ASPN)的要求。与 ASPN 条款不一致的应当作为推荐。
In some product areas there are additional requirements as detailed in codes of practice
which are also applicable and details Tesco additional requirements on this subject.
Under no circumstance does adherence to the ITHMS replace the need for compliance to all relevant legal standards in the country of manufacture or the intended country of sale.
Compliance to the standard is in addition to the duty held by the supplier to produce safe and legal products.
在任何情况下,对 ITHMS 标准的符合性不能代替符合生产所在国或预期销售国相关法律标准
Intermediate Tesco Hardline Manufacturing Standard Version 1 Page 4 of 5
Scope  范围
The ITHMS is applicable to all sites which supply Tesco with hardline products e.g. toys, furniture, electrical products, crockery and pet accessories. This list is not exhaustive. If you are in doubt as to whether your site is within the scope of this standard, please discuss with your Tesco Technical Manager (TTM). Although identified as a manufacturing standard, this document applies equally to sites packing hardline products for Tesco. It does not cover soft- lines and textiles.
THMS 适用于 Tesco 供应轻工产品的全部现场,如:玩具,家具,电气产品,陶器和宠物食品。这不是一份详尽的清单。如果对你的现场是否包括在本标准范围之内有疑问,请咨询Tesco 技术经理(TTM)。尽管本文件被认定为制造标准,但同样适用于 Tesco 轻工产品的现场包装,但不包括软货和纺织品。
The Audit  审核
The audit will typically take 1 day although large / complex sites may require 2 days. The agenda for the day will be:
审核一般执行 1 天,如果现场较大或较复杂,可以执行 2 天。审核的日程安排如下:
1. Opening meeting.首次会议
2. Site tour - looking at all areas from incoming components / raw material, assembly /production through to finished product storage and despatch.
现场巡视 – 查看全部工区,包括零件、原材料、组装、生产到成品存放和发运。现场巡视有 2 个目的:
3. Traceability assessment.追溯性的评估
4. Document audit.文审
5. Closing meeting. You will be given a summary of the findings.末次会议。审核组将对审核发现做出总结。
After the Audit  审核后
Tesco have an internet based system called Tesco Technical Library (TTL) and the audit
report will be added to the site record. The site must then add their corrective actions to the audit report on the TTL.
Tesco 有一个基于互联网的体系 – Tesco 技术图书馆(TTL),审核报告将被登录到现场记录
中。然后现场必须在 TTL 上加入审核报告的改正措施。
Auditing against the Standard  按照标准执行审核
There is a likelihood that some non-conformances will be raised during the audit and these
will be categorized as:
 Critical - Failure to meet a safety standard or a legal standard; where this failure puts the customer and or Tesco brand integrity at risk.
关键不符合 – 不符合安全标准或法规要求;该不符合将给客户和或Tesco品牌带来风险
 Major – A deficiency which requires prompt attention to prevent a potential safety
failure or legal issue from arising; where this failure may potentially put customers or
the Tesco brand integrity at risk.
Intermediate Tesco Hardline Manufacturing Standard Version 1 Page 5 of 5 

严重 不符合– 存在缺陷,要求立即关注,防止潜在的安全故障或法律纠纷;该不符合有可能给客户或Tesco品牌带来风险。
 Minor – A deficiency which requires attention to improve Good Manufacturing Practice standards, Due Diligence documentation (Tesco ability to defend a legal challenge) or to achieve compliance with Tesco standards.
轻微不符合– 存在缺陷,要求加以关注,改进良好操作规范标准,尽职调查文件(Tesco应对法律纠纷的能力)或达到符合Tesco标准的要求。
Existing Suppliers / Sites  现有供应商/ 现场
Depending on the category of non conformances and numbers identified, sites will receive a specific rating.
• Blue = Satisfactory 蓝色=满意
• Green = Satisfactory 绿色 = 满意
• Amber = Improvement needed 黄褐色=需要改进
• Double Amber = Improvement needed 双黄褐色=需要改进
• Red = Not Satisfactory 红色=不满意
Note. Double Amber status is used for sites which have consecutive Ambers (and those
which were Red prior to Amber).
ITHMS review ITHMS  评审
The contents of the standard will be regularly reviewed and amended as required. Feedback on the standard or any questions should be directed to the relevant TTM or the Tesco  Product Integrity Unit Manager – PIU.services@uk.tesco.com
本标准的内容将被定期评审和修订(如需要)。对本标准的反馈或任何问题应直接发给相应的TTM 或 Tesco产品整合部经理-PIU. 邮箱 Services@uk.tesco.com